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TeeBlox is a monthly subscription service for your favorite tees. We specialize in curating branded shirts in the following categories: Games, Movies & TV Shows, and Disney.

Sign up monthly for only $12.99 and we will send a specially packaged shirt directly to your doorsteps. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Depends on your TeeBlox selection.

I'm Feeling Lucky TeeBlox - a random selection from one of our existing TeeBlox categories (Games, Movies & TV Shows, Disney and more).
Game TeeBlox - a curated selection from classic 90's games to today's top rated games.
Movies & TV Shows TeeBlox - a curated selection from today's hot TV Shows
The right amount of random or surprise in the BLOX experience is our core guarantee. You may or may not receive the same shirt as your peers in the current month, but you're sure to get a shirt in your favorite category.

100% Authentic. Our suppliers are approved licensed holders/producers/distributors.

Yup! We will make extra sure they will enjoy their gift!

Flat Rate: $2.99 for Domestic and $20 for international

Our pricing is straightforward.

$12.99 for every month after.
3 Months: $11.99/monthly
6 Months: $10.99/monthly
12 Months: $9.99/monthly

Any time.

Of course! Send it back to us and we'll get you a new one free of charge.